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Car Insurance: get an auto insurance quote today

Affordable Auto Insurance

Protection On The Road With A Car Insurance Policy From Lafayette Insurance

Getting good auto insurance has never been easier.  Regardless of whether you have a luxury car or SUV, we have you covered.  Lafayette Insurance will provide you with a customized quote, in a language you can understand, at a competitive price.  Let us do the shopping for you so you can worry less and live more.  Bundle life or home insurance and take advantage of our multiple policy discounts!

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Some Examples of Car Insurance Coverages We Offer

One size does not fit all with regards to car insurance.  At Lafayette Insurance, we can tailor an insurance plan specific to your individual needs.  Regardless of your current situation, we are here to help.  Contact us to get a no-hassle quote today.

Helping You Prepare
for the Unexpected

Auto Insurance Discounts


When you have two or more policies with the same company, you are generally rewarded with a significant discount on both.

Biometrics/Mobile App

Most companies offer some tracking device or telematics app to evaluate driving habits and reward good driving habits.


The length of time you are insured and how long you are with your current company are equally important when factoring in this discount.

Paperless Billing

Some companies offer a discount for paperless billing, automatic draft, and above all, paid in full bill plans.  Get a car insurance quote today!

Our process

Compare Car Insurance Quotes With Lafayette Insurance

01. Provide Details

Tell us a little bit about what you want to insure.

02. Discuss Coverages

We’ll educate you on insurance coverages relevant to you.

03. Compare Quotes

We shop multiple companies to find the best rates and protection.

04. Pick Your Policy

Choose the insurance plan that works best for your individual needs.

We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much auto insurance coverage do I need?

Basically, most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance; our minimum recommended coverage is 100/300.  Nonetheless, the higher the limit, the less likely you will exhaust your policy limits and have to pay out of pocket.

2.Is the rate given to me accurate?

We do our best to provide you with an accurate quote every time.  The more information you provide us, the more accurate the quote.  Due to the reports needed, your driver's license numbers and VINs to provide you with an exact quote.

3.Do you charge for an auto insurance quote?

We do not charge to do an auto insurance quote. As a matter of fact, we welcome and appreciate every opportunity!  

4.How can I lower my insurance costs?

Driving history and insurance score are two factors that insurance companies use to rate policies.  Consequently, fewer violations and better credit scores typically get the lowest insurance premiums.

5.Do you offer SR22 insurance?

Our insurance companies are more aligned toward the preferred side of the spectrum, although occasionally, we help with state filings.

6.How can I get an insurance quote?

We make it easy for you to get a quote from multiple companies.  You can call, or fill out one of our online quote forms and we will get back to you promptly with the best options.

7.What kind of coverage to you recommend?

We do not really recommend coverage, we like to educate our prospective clients on how the coverages react to situations and let our clients choose what is best for them.

8.What is gap insurance and do you offer it?

Gap insurance can pay the difference between what you owe and what your car is worth if totaled.  

9.Do I need rental car coverage?

We include rental car coverage on every full coverage quote.  Rental car coverage provides a replacement vehicle in the case of an accident and you can't drive your car.  Rental car is optional and you can request we remove it if you prefer.

10.Does full coverage fix everything?

Full coverage does not mean fix everything.  Full coverage is a phrase used to describe physical damage which provides coverage to repair your own car.  The liability portion still has limits and the policy only pays up to the policy limits.

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